School for Justice

Slider_11-1024x359The School for Justice is a unique programme that supports girls that have been rescued from brothels to lead the way in changing the system. It provides education, training and support to rescued girls to become lawyers and work within the judicial system. This way the girls can be the driving force themselves in putting the offenders behind bars and ensuring that justice can be served. The girls will also have a real opportunity for a brighter future through education at high end universities.

How does it work? The ‘School for Justice’ is crowd-funded and this gives members of the public an opportunity to support the girls in their education in whatever small way that they can. We ask that the public does not turn a blind eye to child prostitution and instead becomes part of the solution in eliminating it.

The School for Justice collaborates closely with local women’s and other grassroots partner organisations fighting commercial sexual exploitation of children as well as law firms and a reputable university with an accredited law degree programme. These partners will form a think tank and work together to steer Free a Girl India and coordinate the School for Justice.