Cannes winning

Recognition at Cannes will not only create more awareness about the problem, but also will motivate these young courageous girls to work harder to achieve their goal of becoming lawyers. We are happy the world embraces our cause and the efforts of these young girls to bring about a positive change within the Indian Judicial system.

– Evelien Hölsken, CEO of Free a Girl

Child prostitution is a harsh reality. Every year an estimated 1.2 million children are pushed into the abyss of prostitution in India whereas only 55 legal cases lead to conviction. As a solution to this  problem we introduced the  ‘School for Justice’- an initiative that was launched earlier this year, where  girls that have been rescued from forced prostitution are given a chance to support and lead the way in making a difference to the problem of impunity around forced prostitution. The School for Justice provides education, training and support to these rescued girls to become lawyers and empowers them to enter the judicial system of India to seek justice.

On June 20, 2017, our organization Free a Girl India’s School for Justice campaign received international recognition and was awarded at the Cannes Lions International Festival of creativity with a Golden Lion. This win is a big milestone achievement for Free a Girl and School for Justice bringing us one step closer to our goal of creating more awareness around commercial sexual exploitation of children and the problem of the impunity of their offenders.

We believe that the School for Justice Class of 2017 will play a pivotal role in bringing about a positive change in India regarding the problem of delayed justice around forced child prostitution. With the help of the Cannes recognition the campaign will continue to deliver a powerful message about the problem and the urgent need for a solution across different parts of India.