Free a girl India

Free a Girl India aims to fight against human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children. We do this by raising awareness about the problem of child prostitution and the impunity of offenders of child prostitution. We believe there is a need to change the conversation, to mobilise society to rally behind the girls that have fallen victim to this crime, and to demand justice. It is important to break the silence in many countries about child prostitution and the need to prosecute the offenders.

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World Day Against Child Labour – The Girl Child forced into Prostitution

Every second day we hear alarming stories of children suffering a fate they don’t deserve. In 2016, India topped the Global Slavery Index with more than 18 million people trapped in different forms of modern slavery – five times more than any other country in the world. Child prostitution is one such form of modern… Read more

Lest we forget: The missing children of India

Missing children. Two words that conjure up possibly the most dread a parent can feel. Yet in a country like India which has one of largest populations of children in the world, with more than 40 percent of its 1.2 billion people below the age of 18[1], each day, around 150 children go missing[2]. According… Read more

Open Letter to All Men: Work Along with Women So a ‘Women’s Day’ Doesn’t Have to Exist

Dear Men and Boys, Today, I write on behalf of all the girls and women in India who celebrate Women’s Day amidst cynical murmurs of why this ‘Day’ has to exist. I’m all of 17 years old and have been fortunate to be growing up in an age when human rights pioneers made major strides… Read more

Learnings and looking forward

It has been an eventful year for the School for Justice programme after our launch in Mumbai last April. The initiative by Free a Girl supports young girls rescued from the dangers of forced child prostitution and provides them with education and rehabilitation to become part of the solution: by becoming a vital component in… Read more

Open letter to ourselves to stand-up for our forsaken children – Mallika Sherawat

Dear countrymen and women, Today, I am writing this letter to you on behalf of all those children in India who have failed to have their voices heard, for once. Majority of them will not be part of today’s Children’s Day celebrations held anywhere across our country’s schools. They may not even be aware of… Read more

The Time to Act Against Child Trafficking is Now: Evelien Hölsken

Envision this: Your fundamental rights and freedom has been snatched away from you. You are being forced to work against your will, and persistently live under the threat of uncertainty and violence; eventually ending up as a slave. This is the reality for millions of children, women, and men who are trapped in the global… Read more

Cannes winning

Recognition at Cannes will not only create more awareness about the problem, but also will motivate these young courageous girls to work harder to achieve their goal of becoming lawyers. We are happy the world embraces our cause and the efforts of these young girls to bring about a positive change within the Indian Judicial… Read more